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Find A Car ​Accident Lawyer ​Near You – Suffering ​injuries in a ​car accident ​often means navigating ​a complex ​process of negotiating ​with insurance ​companies to secure ​the necessary ​coverage for your ​medical expenses. ​When you have ​one of ​the top car ​accident lawyers ​by your side, ​you’ll benefit ​from a dedicated ​advocate who ​works tirelessly to ​ensure you ​receive the compensation ​you’re entitled ​to. The best ​part is ​that you won’t ​have to ​pay them until ​they successfully ​recover funds from ​the other ​party.

Find A Car ​Accident Lawyer ​Near You –

Forbes has ​conducted extensive ​research and meticulously ​handpicked the ​finest car accident ​attorneys in ​major cities throughout ​the United ​States. Explore our ​comprehensive local ​guides to discover ​the legal ​support you require, ​and peruse ​our expert advice ​on how ​to select the ​right attorney ​for your specific ​case.

​I can ​provide you with ​a list ​of some top ​car ​accident lawyers in various ​cities across ​the USA based ​on their ​reputation, but please ​note that ​the availability of ​lawyers and ​their rankings may ​change over ​time. It’s essential ​to conduct ​your research and ​ensure that ​the lawyer you ​choose is ​the right fit ​for your ​specific case. Here ​are some ​notable car ​accident lawyers in ​different cities:

Top ​Car ​Accident Lawyers By City

​1. New ​York City, NY
​Cellino & ​Barnes
Sullivan Papain ​Block McGrath ​Coffinas & Cannavo ​P.C.

2. ​Los Angeles, CA
​The Barnes ​Firm
Wilshire Law ​Firm

3. ​Chicago, IL
GWC ​Injury Lawyers
​Power Rogers & ​Smith, LLP

​4. Houston, TX
​Arnold & ​Itkin LLP
The ​Krist Law ​Firm, P.C.

5. ​Philadelphia, PA
The Pearce ​Law Firm

​6. Phoenix, AZ
​Lerner and ​Rowe Injury Attorneys
​Phillips Law ​Group

7. Dallas, ​TX
The ​Benton Law Firm
​Montgomery Law

​8. San Francisco, ​CA
The ​Cartwright Law Firm
​Walkup, Melodia, ​Kelly & Schoenberger

​9. Atlanta, ​GA
The Angell ​Law Firm
​The Roth Firm

​10. Miami, ​FL
Steinger, Greene ​& Feiner
​Lavent Law, P.A.

​11. Boston, ​MA
Morgan & ​Morgan
Breakstone, ​White & Gluck

​12. Denver, ​CO
Bachus & ​Schanker, LLC
​Bell & Pollock, ​P.C.

Please ​remember that this ​is not ​an exhaustive list, ​and you ​should conduct your ​own research ​to find the ​right car ​accident lawyer for ​your specific ​needs. Make sure ​to consider ​factors such as ​their experience, ​success rate, and ​client reviews ​when making your ​decision. It’s ​also a good ​idea to ​consult with multiple ​attorneys to ​discuss your case ​before making ​a choice.

Finding ​the Best ​Car Accident Attorney ​-

A ​car accident attorney ​falls under ​the category of ​personal injury ​lawyers, and the ​abundance of ​options in your ​vicinity can ​be overwhelming. It ​might appear ​that every commercial, ​bus bench, ​and billboard is ​promoting the ​services of yet ​another attorney. ​However, by posing ​the right ​inquiries and scrutinizing ​the appropriate ​qualifications, you can ​streamline your ​search and find ​the attorney ​best suited for ​your needs.

​What Is Their ​Experience?

Personal ​injury attorneys often ​specialize in ​particular types of ​cases, which ​may encompass workers’ ​compensation, class ​action lawsuits against ​manufacturers, or ​car accidents. Your ​goal should ​be to locate ​an attorney ​with a wealth ​of experience ​in handling car ​accident cases ​specifically. Seek a ​lawyer who ​has successfully taken ​cases to ​trial, even if ​it’s an ​unlikely scenario for ​your case. ​Furthermore, this experience ​should be ​complemented by a ​track record ​of securing favorable ​settlements and ​judgments from insurance ​companies.

What ​Are the Fees?

​It’s no ​secret that legal ​representation can ​come with a ​substantial cost. ​You should strive ​to find ​an attorney who ​operates on ​a contingency basis, ​meaning they ​only earn a ​fee when ​you receive your ​settlement or ​judgment. Most personal ​injury attorneys ​work on a ​percentage basis, ​typically around 33% ​of the ​final award amount, ​with the ​potential for higher ​fees if ​your case proceeds ​to trial. ​Additionally, you may ​also be ​responsible for covering ​expenses such ​as filing fees ​and expert ​witness fees. Take ​the time ​to carefully review ​the attorney’s ​fee agreement to ​ensure you ​comprehend your financial ​responsibilities. Remember ​that the decision ​should not ​be solely based ​on the ​fee – if ​they are ​the best for ​your case, ​their expertise might ​be worth ​the extra investment.

​Are They ​Able To Communicate ​Clearly?

Throughout ​the course of ​your case, ​you’re likely to ​have numerous ​questions. It’s essential ​to have ​an attorney who ​can communicate ​with you in ​a clear ​and understandable manner. ​While a ​lawyer’s command of ​legal jargon ​may seem impressive, ​it can ​leave you feeling ​bewildered and ​confused.

Conducting Online ​Research

Before ​making your decision, ​conduct thorough ​online research to ​discover what ​other attorneys have ​to say ​about the attorney ​in question. ​Don’t hesitate to ​inquire about ​the percentage of ​their business ​that results from ​referrals by ​other attorneys. A ​higher percentage ​is often a ​positive sign, ​as it signifies ​that other ​attorneys hold a ​significant amount ​of respect for ​the individual ​you’re considering. Such ​referrals indicate ​that they trust ​this attorney ​enough to stake ​their own ​professional reputation on ​the recommendation. ​A reputable attorney ​should also ​be willing to ​provide references ​who can vouch ​for their ​skills and capabilities.

​Contacting the ​State Bar

For ​added assurance, ​reach out to ​your state’s ​bar association to ​verify whether ​the lawyer you’re ​considering has ​been subject to ​any disciplinary ​actions. This step ​can provide ​valuable insight into ​the attorney’s ​professional conduct and ​ethical standing ​within the legal ​community.

Do ​They Have a ​Professional Office?

​It’s crucial to ​ensure that ​your attorney has ​the resources ​necessary to effectively ​handle your ​case. This includes ​having a ​competent staff capable ​of conducting ​investigative work and ​promptly addressing ​any emerging issues. ​As your ​case progresses, you’ll ​probably interact ​with some of ​these staff ​members, so their ​competence is ​vital. Moreover, an ​organized and ​efficient office space ​is a ​strong indicator that ​the attorney ​is running a ​professional and ​well-managed practice. It ​can be ​challenging to instill ​trust in ​an attorney who’s ​fumbling through ​disorganized files when ​you come ​in for a ​meeting.

Why ​Do I Need ​an Auto ​Accident Lawyer?

Handling ​an auto ​accident injury case ​on your ​own is indeed ​possible, but ​it raises the ​question: why ​should you consider ​hiring an ​attorney?

The primary ​reason to ​engage an auto ​accident attorney ​is that, when ​handling the ​case independently, you’re ​likely to ​receive the minimum ​compensation from ​an insurance company. ​Insurance companies ​are profit-driven entities, ​and part ​of their strategy ​is to ​minimize claims payouts ​whenever feasible. ​You might not ​be aware ​of certain legal ​entitlements for ​compensation, such as ​those related ​to emotional trauma. ​An auto ​accident attorney possesses ​an intricate ​understanding of the ​legal process, ​and as a ​result, they ​are adept at ​securing the ​maximum compensation for ​your accident. ​This is their ​specialty and ​their primary responsibility.

​When Should ​You Look for ​an Auto ​Accident Lawyer?

While ​it’s possible ​to enlist the ​services of ​an attorney at ​any point ​before the insurance ​company finalizes ​the settlement, it’s ​generally advisable ​to secure one ​as soon ​as you sustain ​an injury. ​A prompt attorney’s ​involvement can ​have several advantages. ​They may ​suggest specialized doctors ​who can ​accurately diagnose your ​case and ​ensure you receive ​the highest ​quality care you ​deserve. Moreover, ​having an attorney ​from the ​outset reduces the ​risk of ​inadvertently making statements ​to the ​insurance company that ​could harm ​your chances of ​securing a ​favorable settlement. Many ​clients have ​found that the ​earlier they ​engage an attorney, ​the more ​favorable their car ​accident settlement ​tends to be.

​For comprehensive ​information about car ​accident laws, ​you can refer ​to our ​car accident lawsuit ​guide.


​In the aftermath ​of a ​car accident, it’s ​easy to ​feel overwhelmed by ​the physical, ​emotional, and financial ​consequences. During ​these challenging times, ​finding a ​car ​accident lawyer ​is not ​just a smart ​choice—it’s a ​crucial step towards ​protecting your ​rights, securing fair ​compensation, and ​navigating the complex ​legal terrain ​that often follows ​an auto ​collision.

Car ​accident lawyers are ​legal professionals with ​expertise in ​personal injury law. ​They possess ​the knowledge, experience, ​and resources ​necessary to help ​you recover ​and rebuild your ​life after ​a traumatic event.

​Frequently Asked ​Questions (FAQs)

1. ​Why do ​I need a ​car ​accident lawyer?
A car ​accident lawyer ​specializes in personal ​injury cases, ​ensuring you receive ​proper compensation ​for your injuries, ​medical expenses, ​and lost wages. ​They’ll protect ​your rights and ​handle negotiations ​with insurance companies ​on your ​behalf.

2. What ​do car ​accident lawyers charge ​for their ​services?
Most car ​accident lawyers ​work on a ​contingency fee ​basis, meaning they ​only get ​paid a percentage ​of your ​settlement if you ​win your ​case. This fee ​is typically ​around 33% of ​the final ​settlement.

3. How ​long do ​I have to ​file a ​car accident claim?
​The statute ​of limitations for ​car accident ​claims varies by ​location, but ​it’s usually within ​two to ​three years from ​the date ​of the accident. ​It’s essential ​to consult with ​a lawyer ​as soon as ​possible to ​ensure you meet ​the deadline.

​4. Can I ​handle a ​car accident case ​without a ​lawyer?
While it’s ​possible to ​handle your case ​without a ​lawyer, it’s not ​recommended, especially ​for complex cases. ​Insurance companies ​have legal teams ​to protect ​their interests, and ​having a ​lawyer levels the ​playing field ​and increases your ​chances of ​a fair settlement.

​5. What ​should I do ​immediately after ​a car accident?
​First, ensure ​everyone’s safety and ​call 911 ​if needed. Gather ​evidence, exchange ​information with the ​other driver, ​and seek medical ​attention. Finally, ​consult with a ​car ​accident lawyer to understand ​your legal ​rights and next ​steps.

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