Games Of Karma (Kabristan) – All Seasons, Episodes & Cast

Games Of Karma (Kabristan) There is a Suspense-Drama Web Series. Leprosy has left Farooq, an undertaker, alone in life. At night the corpses fulfill his insatiable desires. Once he is caught red handed by a young man, Farooq puts the blame on the young man in front of the villagers and the innocent youth is put to death by the villagers. Will ‘Karma’ spare Farooq for his sins? Watch ‘Games Of Karma (Kabristan)’ only on ULLU App.

Games Of Karma (Kabristan)
Games Of Karma (Kabristan)

In this series Jeetu Shastri (Farook), Pratima Kannan (Sultana), Sujail Khan (Majid), Shakil Warsi (Majid’s Father), Vicky Singh (Abdul), Rajiv (Abdul’s Father), Laxman Sign (Qasim), Jayesh Kosambia (Salim) ), Kapil Batra (Reheman), Harjeet Walia (Mehmood) and Rohit Wattal (Iqbal) are seen in the lead roles.

Games Of Karma (Kabristan) – Details

Language Hindi
Genre Bold, Drama, Suspense, Web Series
Rating 18+
Release Date 14 September 2021
Director Praveen Hingonia
Distributed By ULLU
Season(s) Season 1 (1 Episode)

Episode Name Director
Episode 1 Praveen Hingonia

Games Of Karma (Kabristan) – (Cast & Crew)

Name (Actors & Actresses) Role
Jeetu Shastri Farook
Pratima Kannan Sultana
Sujail Khan Majid
Shakil Warsi Majid’s Father
Vicky Singh Abdul
Rajiv Abdul’s Father
Laxman Sign Qasim
Jayesh Kosambia Salim
Kapil Batra Reheman
Harjeet Walia Mehmood
Rohit Wattal Iqbal

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