The Kapil Sharma Show 3 Neetu Kapoor And Riddhima Kapoor Special Episode Will Be Hilarious Watch Video Here

The Kapil Sharma Show 3 Neetu Kapoor And Riddhima Kapoor

The Kapil Sharma Show 3 Neetu Kapoor Special Episode: The Sunday episode of The Kapil Sharma Show, which comes two days a week, is going to be quite a bang as the guests of the show will be Neetu Kapoor (Neetu Kapoor) and her daughter Riddhima Kapoor (Riddhima Kapoor). Both will be seen having a lot of fun in the show and the audience will get a lot of laughter. Till now Neetu Kapoor has been seen in Kapil’s show many times but this will be the first time when Riddhima Kapoor is coming with her mother in a chat show.

Kapil’s speech stopped in front of Riddhima’s presence
Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor have become guests of Kapil’s show many times. But for the first time, Riddhima Kapoor, a member of this family, is going to add to the show with her presence. At the same time, Riddhima is also very smart like Papa Rishi Kapoor because she stopped speaking of Kapil Sharma in the show. Yes… When Kapil called Riddhima green mirchi, who was seen in a green dress, see if Riddhima stopped speaking to Kapil in response and laughed loudly in the show.

at the same time, all the promos of the show that have come out before this were all very funny. In a promo, Neetu Kapoor is seen revealing the anger of the famous family of Bollywood. He said that Kapoor is a fake erogenous of Khan. From above, they show their laurels, from inside there are Lallus. These promos are being well-liked and fans are very much eager to watch these episodes.

Rishi Kapoor will be missed
Till now, whenever Neetu Kapoor came on Kapil’s show, Rishi Kapoor always used to be with her, but this time Rishi Kapoor will definitely be missed in the show. Rishi Kapoor died in April last year after a long illness.

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